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Rawsons Electrical Automation division have had extensive experience dealing with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) , following are some commonly asked questions we receive regarding working with PLC products and software.


(GxDVP V8.3) Is Gx Developer compatible with Windows 7?

There is a version that will support Windows 7 being released October 2010. Having said this, we are running V8.80J on a Windows 7 machine. We are having problems with the machine crashing occasionally but haven't been able to determine whether it is GX Developer or the USB-to-Serial convertor.

(All Versions) My laptop only has USB ports. Is there a preferred USB-to-Serial convertor that works with Mitsubishi PLC's ?

It is true that not all USB-to-Serial convertors work with Mitsubishi PLC's. We stock convertors with the Prolific UMC-211 chipset that are proven to work.

(All Versions) Can I change the screen fonts for the software?

No, unfortunately the font is fixed and not able to be changed at this stage.

(All Versions) My software thinks I am attached to a PLC when I am not, and will not let me proceed with programming until the program is made equal.

This problem occurs when someone has saved the PLC program while editing in the ‘Online’ or ‘Monitor write’ mode. When you open the project the GX Developer thinks you are still connected to a PLC, but can’t communicate to it.

This problem can be corrected by selecting the drill down menu [“tools”]. Select [“Options”] under the tab [“Program common”] the box labelled [“After conversion writing behaviour”] select “Don’t write to PLC”, then click on “OK” and exit. This should solve the problem. Make sure you save the project otherwise the problem will re-occur next time it is opened.



I have recently tried to connect to the FX1s or FX1n PLC with my existing programming cable and consistently have a communications error.

The Mitsubishi PLC programming cables sold in Australia just before the introduction of the FX1s and FX1n PLC’s differ to the earlier versions. The earlier cables are not suitable for later versions of PLC equipment.

New SC00’s have a label “SC00 new” a red band fitted near the DB9 shell. New SC02’s have a blue band fitted near the DB25 shell. Some SC00’s with a green band and the letter ‘M’ written on that band have been modified and are suitable. Other units should be considered older version and may cause communications problems.

The new leads are backward compatible, that is, they do allow communications to earlier version FX## PLC’s. They are not compatible with peripheral devices such as K6HGPP and F2-20GF1 CPU to serial protocol converters used with programming K and F1/F2 Series PLC’s respectively. If you have to program these PLC types, I would suggest you keep one (1) only older version SC02 permanently attached to the protocol converter so that the communications problem does not arise.