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Rawsons Electrical | Mitsubishi Product Range

Rawsons Electrical use and recommend Mitsubishi electrical automation products.

Mitsubishi Electric is the dominant automation brand in Japan and Asia with a large influence also in the global market.

Their sound reputation for quality, reliability, miniaturisation and leading edge technology sees many companies choose the Mitsubishi products for their control solutions.

  • PLC's
  • Touch Screens
  • VF Drives
  • Servo Controllers

See a sample of the exciting range of Mitsubishi products we offer below.

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Mitsubishi Compact Fx Series PLC

Why chose the Mitsubishi Fx Series ?

  • Mitsubishi developed the world’s first compact PLC controllers in 1978 which isnow in its 3rd generation of leading edge development.
  • Mitsubishi is still the market leader in compact and micro PLC controllers with more than 8 Million installed FX systems worldwide .
  • Nothing can beat if for reliability, most of our installations are still operational after about 20 years.

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Mitsubishi Modular Q Series PLC

Why chose the Mitsubishi Q Series ?

  • Supercedes the AnSH Series with state of the art automation control technology.
  • Extensive communications options such as Melsecnet networks, Ethernet, Serial Communications (Devicenet, Profibus, and CC-Link). 
  • Multi Processor support for up to four separate CPU's for program and data redundancy.
  • Enables specialist motion and process controllers, and even rack mount PC on same modular backplane.

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Mitsubishi GOT Touchscreens

Why choose the GOT Touch Screen ?

  • The range offers a large variety of screens differing in size and functionality to meet your budget and solution requirements.
  • Great connectivity support to Mitsubishi PLC's and most major brands of PLC's.
  • The new 1500 series allow up to 4 different device drivers to run concurrently.

Check out our Review and Program Example on this new littleTouch Screen

GOT1020 Review (PDF)

GOT1020 Backlight Colour Example (PDF)

GOT1020 Backlight Example Program (ZIP)

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Beijers E-Terminal Touch Screens

 Why chose the Beijers E-Terminal Touch Screens offered by Mitsubishi Electric?

  • Operator Panels with high performance, reliability and advanced functionality.
  • Both keypad and touch screen models available.
  • Multiple built-in communication ports for great connectivity.
  • FTP transfer, Web-Server, VNC Viewing make it great for remote operation.
  • Storage to external Compact Flash card.

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Mitsubishi Software
What is so good about the Melsoft Software?

  • Super Reliability
  • Great for low level diagnostics
  • Excellent value for the price

MELSOFT Software Packages

  • FX Developer - Compact PLC programming and diagnostics software.
  • GX Developer - Both Compact & Modular PLC programming and diagnostics software.
  • GX Simulator - allows your GX Developer program to be simulated without being physically connected to the PLC.
  • GX Configurator ## - allows Mitsubishi PLC special function modules to be set up without writing ladder logic code. This can be used for options such as analog modules, high speed counters, serial modules, temperature controllers, ASII bus configuration, Devicenet, CC-link, servo module, parameter configuration, profibus and modbus.
  • FR Configurator – allows the Freqrol family of VSD’s to be set up.
  • MX Component – ActiveX library communication software. This allows you to write you own Visual Basic or similar application and use up to 1K active tags communicating to up to 64 PLC’s. Most communication methods are covered for the current generation of Mitsubishi PLC’s.  
  • MX Sheet – is used in conjunction with MX Component to allow Microsoft Excel DDE communications to your PLC’s. This will allow live update on your spreadsheets based on PLC device data.

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